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They came from across Philadelphia, some using the occasion as a substitute for missed parades of the past.

Eric Clark, 56, of West Philadelphia, said he couldn’t make it to the epic Eagles celebration in February because of work.

For him, Thursday’s parade was “the next best thing.” One fan, who happened to be visiting a daughter in Philly, came from as far as China.

Fans were armed with signs reading “Let’s Go Nova” and “Villy Villy!

Added another Gomez pal: “Selena knows Bella through Taylor [Swift] and her squad, but they’ve never been close.” RELATED VIDEO: Bella Hadid Is ‘Hurt’ Selena Gomez and the Weeknd Are Dating: Source Gomez and The Weeknd’s romance continues to remain strong.He was a source of support for the actress and singer amid her kidney transplant this summer, scheduling performances around her medical emergency to be by her side.The two were joined at the hip in September at the inside New York City’s The Plaza Hotel, where The Weeknd was honored (and performed).Atop a double-decker team bus was Wright, standing amid bursts of blue and white confetti.Wright has led the team since 2001 and is one of only three active men’s basketball coaches with multiple national championships. They’re unselfish, and they’re tough, just like the city of Philadelphia.” There was team leader and all-American Jalen Brunson, who hoisted the title trophy aboard the bus, later telling a crowd of fans: “We couldn’t have done it without you.” He stood alongside Donte Di Vincenzo, the bench player who burst into national prominence during March Madness and whose 31-point showing in San Antonio earned him a spot in NCAA record books.Bella Hadid didn’t react well at first to the news that her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd (née Abel Tesfaye) had moved on to a new relationship with Selena Gomez, unfollowing the “Same Old Love” singer on Instagram after he and Gomez were spotted kissing while on a date in L. and later posting a photo of herself flipping the bird. And 10 months later, Bella’s mom Yolanda Hadid assures fans that the supermodel has moved on. This is like …” she stumbled when Cohen asked her point-blank whether the two are dating. “Bella and Abel’s split wasn’t dramatic, but of course she’s hurt and pissed that he’s moved on so quickly with Selena,” the insider explained, adding that it was Hadid who ultimately pulled the plug on the duo’s romance.During an appearance on That could be because Bella has reportedly moved on to “Hotline Bling” rapper Drake, who threw Bella a 21st birthday party in New York City on Monday night — though Yolanda played coy about their relationship. “He threw her a big 21st birthday party last night! Multiple sources also told PEOPLE at the time that Gomez and Hadid were never close friends and there was no betrayal involved.Villanova athletic director Mark Jackson said of Wright: “This team resembles him. The sophomore guard known as “the Michael Jordan of Delaware” and “Big Ragu,” was among a group of players throwing national-championship T-shirts to fans.Behind him was Mikal Bridges, an NBA lottery prospect who graduated from Great Valley High School in Malvern, who said he never thought he’d be a part of a national championship, let alone two.In February, hundreds of thousands crowded Philadelphia streets for that other championship parade that happened.Thursday’s parade to honor Villanova’s season, capped by a dominating 79-62 win over Michigan in the national championship game, was decidedly calmer.

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